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Bang Ragnarok


A game of reflexes, skill, and precision. The blast-packing, adrenaline-filled gameplay makes it the game for people who crave a challenge every day of the week. It's fast-paced, but there’s no rush when you’re in the thick of a battle.

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Fatality Honey Ronin


The planet is in turmoil. There are mysterious geometric objects falling from the sky that are destroying the planet. The only hope is the Honey Ronin, a gigantic machine made of honeycombs that was built to save the world.

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Genesis Babylon


Genesis Babylon is a card game based on Noah's Ark: The Great Flood. Genesis is a science fiction world, a world that was destroyed by a terrible natural disaster called "the Great Flood", and is now a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

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Night shift


A tiny "Papers, please" style game has created quite a buzz in the gaming community. Developed by a programmer using the software called PICO-8, it is an impressive achievement given the constraints of the software and its limitations.

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Deep Dungeon


The idea was to create a coop game where 2 players choose classes like Knight, Mage, Archer or Priest. The classes combination were supposed to create different ways to navigate through the maze and defeat the enemies and traps.

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Tavern Brawl


Tavern Brawl is a medieval-themed restaurant simulator mixed with a 3D fighter. Patrons will enter the tavern and order food, and the player must run to the different ingredient and food preparation stations to create the orders.

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